With Short URL App you can create Short URLs directly from Microsoft Teams.

A Short URL makes emailing the link, putting it into documents or even saying it over the phone much simpler and less error prone. Using Short URL App for Microsoft Teams a shortened hyperlink can be created to any Page, List Item, Document, View and to any external Url within Microsoft Teams. Detailed Statistics are provided for each Short URL.

Why Choose Short URL App

Easy to install, tightly integrated with Microsoft Teams.
Create Short URLs for any Team, Channel or any External links.
Detailed Statistics and QR Code for Short URLs.
Simple - Very easy to use, no training - Improves productivity!

Microsoft 365

Create Short URLs for any Microsoft 365 products.

Short URLs

Create Short URLs for any External URL.


Professional look and feel.


Detailed Short URL Statistics.


One of the great selling points of Microsoft 365 / Microsoft Teams for an organisation is the ability to keep documents and information centrally and the supporting mechanism for this is to send hyperlinks to colleagues and clients. By having a cleaner way to manage lengthy hyperlinks, you will gain a very significant productivity improvement with minimal effort or expense.


Now, for a fixed price, you can easily create and manage all of your Short URLs via Microsoft Teams.

We offer a Free Trial to install and see the benefits for your organization.


    £1499 / Yr

  • Up to 250 Tenant Users.
  • Custom Reserved Subdomain.
  • Custom Short URL Names.
  • Unlimited Short URLs.
  • Premium Support.

    £2499 / Yr

  • Up to 1000 Tenant Users.
  • Custom Reserved Subdomain.
  • Custom Short URL Names.
  • Unlimited Short URLs.
  • Premium Support.

    £3999* / Yr

  • Starting above 1000 Tenant Users.
  • Your own Dedicated Domain Name.
  • Custom Short URL Names.
  • Unlimited Short URLs.
  • Premium Support.

SHORT URL Frequently Asked Questions

Find out SHORT URL most Frequently Asked Questions.

Short URL App for Microsoft Teams allows the creation and use of vanity and shortcut hyperlinks within the Microsoft Teams.

The Short URL App provides you with a choice of sensible, secure named Domains from which to create Short URLs. You can define which domain is used as the default within your Microsoft Teams environment and each of these separate Domains will also work for any Short URL created against the default instance. Thus, you can share any of the Domains with your Short URL and they will work!

Short URL App Domains:

https://surl.link | https://surl.ms | https://officeurl.com | https://sharepointurl.com

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Free Microsoft Teams Online App License:

Short URL App is available for Free on the App Source as a Microsoft Teams App and on installation allows users to create auto generated Short URLs for any content, as below;

https://surl.ms/autoShort URL

Standard / Enterprise License (Free Trial allows creation of 3 Short URLs):

To enable your Short URL App to generate custom Short URLs unique to your organization an App Key is required. The process to registering your Username/Subdomain is simple and fast (see Register Short URL App Key (Create Custom Short URLs)). Once you have registered for a Short URL App Key you will be able to activate custom Short URLs as below;

https://comany.surl.link/customShort URL

https://comany.surl.ms/customShort URL

https://comany.officeurl.com/customShort URL

https://comany.Microsoft Teamsurl.com/customShort URL

Ultimate License:

The Short URL App Ultimate License provides your own Custom Domain with all the great features and a professional presence for your organisation and more.

https://comany.link/customShort URL

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Once you have made purchase of the correct license, you will be given access to our members area to set up your custom subdomain or the trial version will be converted to a fully licensed version. With the Ultimate License, set up will be completed with the assistance of our support team.

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Please visit APPS 365 Support for our dedicated support centre.

Please click here for the Short URL for Microsoft Teams user guide.

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